Solve your nutrient & algae issues

Clear Water Algae scrubbers have been successfully used for many years to combat excess nutrients via the growth of natural algae. Due to the efficiency of algae scrubbers, many aquarists no longer need expensive nitrate and phosphate removal media to combat nutrient levels. Testing has shown algae from a scrubber contains almost 50% more nitrogen than traditional macro algae like chaeto used in refugiums.  Algae grown inside the scrubber also remove unwanted contaminants from the water column. An algae scrubber can easily be added to almost any saltwater or freshwater system to lower nutrient and contaminant levels to help inhabitants thrive. As the algae grows, it will “lock up” nutrients/contaminants in its structure, and by harvesting the algae you are removing these from your tank. at Reef-A-Palooza Orlando 2022 with a deeper look at the new, streamlined versions of the Clear Water Algae Scrubbers. We'll review how this new design contains no PVC, is easier to clean, and is now run by a Syncra SDC 3.0 Return Pump from Sicce!

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Design - V2

Clear Water Scrubbers has reinvented the waterfall turf scrubber with their patent pending V2 models.

By removing all the PVC pipe and fittings, this version can be mounted anywhere with no chances of leaks. Flow is much easier to dial in and growth is achieved faster due to the 100% screen coverage from the tray design. Included now are the built in light blockers that stop the flood of light but can still be removed easily to check growth on the algae screen.

Clear Water Scrubbers are an external design that needs to be mounted higher than the sump of your tank for the drain to flow into or higher than the full water level of your sump with an in-sump stand. The feed for the scrubber can be done with a stand alone feed pump (we recommend a Sicce SDC 3.0) or manifold plumbed into the included ½” or 3/8” barb fitting. Water will then flow into the tray and down the algae screen that is blasted with a proprietary design of red/blue LED lights. Water will then drain into your sump thru the 1” bottom drain installed in the scrubber.

Algae Turf Scrubbers from Clear Water Scrubbers

Pod Hotel Copepod Haven

Do you ever see your copepods homeless, roaming the glass or rocks looking for a home? The Pod Hotel is the solution to their problems with six levels of vacant rooms ready for them to set up a temporary home in. If your aquarium does not utilize a refugium the Pod Hotel makes a great home for them without needing a bunch of real estate.

Each Clearwater Pod Hotel can be easily transported from your sump/refugium up to your display tank for a quick delicious treat that your fish and corals will love! Just turn on a bright light over the hotel and in a few minutes, the pods will scatter into their new homes. After they all take refuge in the hotel you can transfer it up to your tank and shake it around to disperse the pods or leave it for an hour or so to let them come out to explore the new territory on their own.


Dimensions – 3″ L x 3″ W x 2.125″ H

Number of “Levels” – 6